Barry Mack is an artist whose contemporary vision translates the transcendent into universally accessible imagery.  His singular purpose is watchfulness in flow for the moment of liberation when a doorway to ageless, shattering truth is revealed.  

His work is an ongoing relational representation of a shifting internal landscape. It delivers to the viewer a sublimely explosive private world in blissful collisions of paint and canvas. Painting for him is an outflow of his own journey, expressed in creative exuberance at the reality of being alive. 

Mack’s critically acclaimed work hangs in private collections in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Dallas, Santa Fe, Portland, Duluth, Canada, Italy, Uruguay, Australia and Nepal.  Corporate collections include the Beverly Hall Corporation, Meriweather Group and Schnitzer  Steel in New York. The work has been exhibited throughout the US, in Europe and in Australia. 

Mack was born in San Francisco, and studied art at Portland State University. He lives and works in East Hampton and New York, NY.